Research Papers


3.3.4 Number of research papers per teacher in the Journals notified on UGC website during the last five years  (8)            
Title of paper Name of the author/s Department of the teacher Name of journal Year of publication ISBN/ISSN number UGC Website Link
FTIR measurements of SiO2 Glass prepared by Sol-Gel technique R. K. Nariyal, P. Kothari, B. Bisht Chemistry Chemical Science Transactions 2014 ISSN:2278-3318
Spectroscopic parameters of Nd+3 ion in Sodium lead barium Aluminium Phosphate Glass P. Kothari, R. K. Nariyal Chemistry Chemical Science Transactions 2014 ISSN:2278-3318
Fluorescence Studies of Nd+3 ions in Phosphate Glass P. Kothari, R. K. Nariyal Chemistry Chemical Science Transactions 2014 ISSN:2278-3318
lhekUr newuk ,oa O;kikjh Mahipal Singh Kutiya, Dr. Ishwari Prasad Pant History Vidyawarta 2015 ISSN:23199318    
Coincidence and Fixed Point theorems for multivalued Mappings in symmetric spaces Lokesh K Joshi, Prakash C Mathpal and Mahesh C Joshi Mathematics Far east journal of mathematical sciences (FJMS) 2015 ISSN:0972-0960 
On-9-curvavature Tensor of a Generalised Randers Space Poonam Miyan Mathematics Journal of International Academy of physical Sciences 2015 ISSN:0974-9373 
Variation in the chemical profile of Agrimonia aitchisonii Schönb.-Tem. aerial part from Himalayan region Kiran Tiwari, Chitra Pande, Geeta Tewari, Gitu Kunwar and Deepshekha Punetha Chemistry Open Access Journal of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants 2016 ISSN 9747877
Common Fixed Point Theorems for hybrid pair of mappings Prakash C Mathpal, Lokesh K Joshi, Mahesh C Joshi and N Kumar Mathematics Filomat 2017 ISSN:2406-0933
Real coded genetic algorithm for fuzzy time series prediction Shilpa Jain,  Dinesh C S Bisht , Phool Singh and Prakash C Mathpal Mathematics AIP Conference proceedings 2017 ISSN:0094-243X(print), 1551-7616(web) 
Measurement of Radiation Abutment Dose for  6MV Photon and 9 MeV Electron Beam Combinations by GAFCHROMIC EBT3 Film at Extended SSD Vinod Pandey1, Lalan Prasad 2, Kailash Chandra Pandey 1 Physics International Journal for Research in Applied Science & Engineering 2017 ISSN: 2321-9653 
Study of Large Solar Energetic Particle Events with Halo Coronal Mass ejections and Their Associated Solar Hema Kharayat, Lalan Prasad, Rajesh Mathpal, Meena Pokharia, Chandrashekhar Bhoj, Chandni Mathpal Physics New Astronomy 2017 ISSN:1384-1076
A Study of vocational maturity of Secondary School Students in Relation to Home Environment Sundeep pandey, Bheema manral Education Periodic Reserch 2017 ISSN 23499435 
The impact of Mahatma Gandhi in Indian English Literature(With special reference to the novels of Manohar Malgonkar) Liladhar Mishra English Literature Vidyawarta 2018 ISSN:2319-9318 
A unique computational method for constructing intervals in fuzzy time series forcasting Shilpa Jain, Prakash C Mathpal, Dinesh Singh and Phool Singh Mathematics Cybernatics and Information Technologies 2018 ISSN:1311-9702 (Print), 1314-4081(Web) 
Paticle Swarm Optimizaed fuzzy method for perediction of water table elevation fluctuation S. Jain, D. Bisht & P.C.Mathpal Mathematics International Journal of Data analysis, techniques and strartegies 2018 ISSN 17558050 
Compositional variability in inflorescence essential oil of Coriandrum sativum from North India.   Deepshekha Punetha, Geeta Tewari & Chitra Pande  Chemistry Journal of Essential Oil Research 2018 ISSN1041-2905  
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